2023 Map of Stratton Open Space

The Chutes trail is for downhill mountain biking only.  The Wildflower, Stratton Springs, and Gold Camp paths are for hiking only.  All other trails are multi-use: hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

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2022 North Cheyenne Canyon and Stratton Open Space Trail Map

2022 North Cheyenne Canyon and Stratton Trail Map (Stratton Trails not quite up to date): PDF (2 MB) 


Ridgeway:  1504 Ridgeway Avenue, off Cheyenne Boulevard west of Cresta Road.  30 spaces, trailer parking. 

La Veta:  1500 Hermosa Place, off La Veta Way, west of Cresta Road just south of Cheyenne Mountain High School.  15 spaces plus on-street parking when school is not in session.

North Chamberlain: 2200 North Cheyenne Canyon Road, two blocks west of the Starsmore Discovery Center at the mouth of the canyon. 12 spaces. 

Stratton Preserve: 2019 Stratton Forest Heights, west of Gold Camp Elementary School.  Two spaces plus on-street parking. 

Chutes: 2150 Gold Camp Road.  Two spaces. 

Skyway:  3200 Pegasus Point.  Limited on-street parking.  Access to Chamberlain Trail via trail south through the neighborhood.